xade base

xade base

Base for powder based measurements.

xade base

xade base

Measure Powder

xade base is meant to be used with xade nano+.

Our innovative design allows you to easily achieve results with very little deviation between samples.

  • Ultra Low Variance

    Only extremely low variance between samples.

  • Sample Size

    Only a small amount of your costly sample is needed.

  • Easy Cleaning

    Simply use a brush for cleaning.


xade base includes the following items:

  • base with powder area
  • stop for receiving the base
  • protective glass



xade base


How To Use xade base


  • Grind to a consistency used for espresso.
  • Keep your grinding settings always the same.
  • Keep the time after roasting the same.
  • Grind enough to catch the distribution, eg about 7 gram.
  • Use a Weiss Distribution Tool to mix the coffee.
  • Swipe and apply firm pressure while swiping.
  • Do not pre-compress the coffee.
  • Do not reuse already measured coffee.
  • Take care that the glass is not lifted.
  • Scan the whole sample.

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