xade finder

Measure & find matching colors.

Locate your color in Lab, RAL, NCS and in your colors.

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xade finder


Pro Performance

AI Technology

Seamless interaction.


Visual assessment.


Astonishing short term repeat.


Continuous aperture.

xade finder

Accurate Color

Being able to detect even slightest differences below human perception, opens up a complete new world.

Technical specs and core features

  • Short term repeat: dE00 ~0.01.1
  • Continuous aperture ⌀ ~0.2-4mm / ~1-12mm.6
  • Deviation average: dE00 ~0.4.2
  • Deviation max: dE00 ~1.0 / ~0.7.2,6
  • D65 & D50, 2° observer.
  • 45°/0° geometry.
  • M2 measurement condition.
xade finder app
  • Visually see result in taken picture with extended sRGB.4
  • Use your perception in picker mode to set the measured value.
  • AI powered seamless mode changes.
  • Display spectral graph. Beta 3
  • Manage your own colors. 3
  • Find a close matching color in a common color database 5 or in your colors. 3
1 Average deviation of the average of 10 consecutive measurements on the white BCRAII tile. Measured with xade cube and xade finder using an iPhone 13 Pro. 2 Inter instrument agreement for deviation from manufacturing standard was measured using the 12 standard BCRAII tiles using different cubes, different cards and an iPhone 13 Pro and an iPhone 14.
Others sometimes measure only on a BCRAII subset.
3 Available as Pro Feature subscription. D50 and spectral graph are available when using xade nano, xade card or xade cube. 4 Available in all supported iPhones. 5 Available subscriptions for NCS 2050 Colors and RAL with CLASSIC and DESIGN SYSTEM plus. 6 xade nano / xade cube.


supported devices

Our apps support in picker mode all iPhones with iOS 16.0 or newer.

xade technology supports the following devices:


nano & nano+

  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max

cube & card

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Plus


  • coming soon



Plans Comparison
Pro Features 1
CIE L*a*b, 2º Observer, D65
Modes {Picker, Nano, Cube, Card}2
Continuous Aperture
dE00 Closest Color Matching
CIE L*a*b, 2º Observer, D50
Display & Export Spectral Data (Beta)
Manage Own Colors
History & Batch-Mode
Optional in-app subscriptions (monthly / yearly):
RAL Colors 3, 4 
1.99€ / 9.99€
1.99€ / 9.99€
NCS®© 2050 Colors4 
5.99€ / 49.99€
5.99€ / 49.99€
1 0.99€ / 9.99€ monthly / yearly subscription.4 2 Cube Mode is activated using the xade cube+card and the Card Mode is activated with xade card only. 3 RAL: Classic & Design System plus. 4 Pricing might vary slightly in your country.


Frequently Asked Questions

Smartphones and smartphone cameras got and are getting better from year to year. Smartphones are one of most advanced pieces of technology nowadays and they are right in your pocket. This makes technology more accessible and scarce resources are being reused.

xade doesn't only reach common precision numbers reached by far more expensive spectrophotometers, xade even supersedes those in terms of repeatability.

xade has been thoroughly tested with pigment on paper and coffee surfaces. First tests on textile look promising. Please get in contact with us through inquiry@xade.tech in case you have specific requirements. xade cube uses oriented light, ie vertical vs horizontal orientation matters if you measure oriented, eg perl like surfaces.

AI powered seamless mode changes don't need any connection. You can just use the app, no setup time needed.

Results are displayed for the 2° observer. We are investigating to provide the 10° as well.

The standard result is displayed in D65. You can switch to D50 and yes, for xade hardware, no error prone adaption used.

Please get in contact through inquiry@xade.tech.

The delta E 2000 calculation puts sometimes colors closer which are optically more far away in case there is anyhow a too big distance. In such a case the chosen color list doesn't contain a proper matching color, please choose another one.

If not otherwise specified, results are for matt / semi-matt surfaces. Though in general, with a few exceptions, glossy should be fine as well.

Our demo color list 'Colors of Nature' is only meant to illustrate the functional principle of the app. We are expanding this list and, of course, we are also delighted if it is used as inspiration for color schemes.

Your measurements with xade hardware (saved after the 20th of May 2024) are automatically saved in D50 and D65. Previous measurements were only saved in D65 and hence need to be re-measured for D50. Old measurements and those done with the picker are automatically adapted with Bradford for the other illuminant. With xade hardware, when you switch the illuminant, the measurement value changes according to its illuminant. This is not the case when using the picker. With the picker it's the responsibility of the user to say which illuminant has been used.


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