xade nano

xade nano

High precision color measurement.
The missing iPhone microscope light.
Right in your pocket.

xade nano

xade nano

Micro Color

The flexible aperture of our available apps allow xade nano to measure color of surfaces ranging from ~0,2mm to ~4mm diameter.

Inspect tiny objects using the microscope feature in xade finder or simply make sure, your splinter is removed properly.

  • Lightweight

    xade nano weighs only 12g.

  • Full Spectrum Light

    Extreme high cri ensures vibrant color reproduction.

  • Battery Free

    Plugs directly into your phone.


xade nano includes the following items:

  • xade nano
  • xade nano card (already attached)
  • cable
  • 1 year RAL: Classic & Design System plus for xade finder
  • 1 year Pro Features for xade finder

Technical Specs

  • 5V via USB-C
  • Power consumption: < 0.5W
  • CRI > 97
  • IES TM-30-15 Rf ~ 96 Rg ~ 102
  • Illumination geometry: 45°/0°



xade nano
119.95 €
xade nano


How To Use xade nano

Place ano on top of lens

1 Place nano on top of lens

Microscope mode will be detected automatically.

Minimize cable bending outside

Cable management

Optimally, gently curve the cable inward.

How To Use xade nano Coffee Expert


  • Grind to a consistency used for espresso.
  • Keep your grinding settings always the same.
  • Keep the time after roasting the same.
  • Grind enough to catch the distribution, eg about 7 gram.
  • Use a Weiss Distribution Tool to mix the coffee.
  • Swipe rotate to only one direction and apply firm pressure while swiping.
  • Do not pre-compress the coffee.
  • Do not reuse already measured coffee.
  • Take care that the glass is not lifted.
  • Scan the whole sample.


  • xade nano manual (English).

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