xade nano+

xade nano+

The best of xade nano.
In an enclosure for comfortable everyday use.

xade nano+

xade nano+

Micro Color

The flexible aperture of our available apps allow xade nano+ to measure color of surfaces ranging from ~0,2mm to ~4mm diameter.

Inspect tiny objects using the microscope feature in xade finder or simply make sure, your splinter is removed properly.

  • Ergonomic Design

    xade nano+ attaches mechano-magnetically.

  • Full Spectrum Light

    Extreme high cri ensures vibrant color reproduction.

  • Battery Free

    Plugs directly into your phone.


xade nano+ includes the following items:

  • xade nano+
  • xade nano card (already attached)

Technical Specs

  • 5V via USB-C
  • Power consumption: < 0.5W
  • CRI > 97
  • IES TM-30-15 Rf ~ 96 Rg ~ 102
  • Illumination geometry: 45°/0°



xade nano+
xade nano+


How To Use xade nano+


  • Grind to a consistency used for espresso.
  • Keep your grinding settings always the same.
  • Keep the time after roasting the same.
  • Grind enough to catch the distribution, eg about 7 gram.
  • Use a Weiss Distribution Tool to mix the coffee.
  • Swipe and apply firm pressure while swiping.
  • Do not pre-compress the coffee.
  • Do not reuse already measured coffee.
  • Take care that the glass is not lifted.
  • Scan the whole sample.


  • xade nano+ manual (English).

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