xade roast

Measure the roast of your beans.
Locate the roast in your roasts.

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xade roast


Pro Performance

AI Technology

Seamless interaction.


Visual assessment.


Ultra low variance.


Continuous aperture.

xade roast


Finding the perfect roasting profile for a specific taste needs experience.

Being able to detect even slightest differences below human perception, is a helpful addition to your toolbox.

Technical specs and core features

  • STDEV on coffee between samples: ~0.3, on a [10, 100] scale.1
  • Continuous aperture ⌀ ~0.2-4mm / ~1-12mm.4
  • D65 & D50, 2° observer.2
  • 45°/0° geometry.
  • Use your perception in picker mode to set the measured value.
  • AI powered seamless mode changes.
  • Display spectral graph. Beta 2
  • Manage your own roasts and locate your roast. 2
  • Locate your roast with our standard roast list.
  • Visually see result in taken picture with extended sRGB.3
xade roast app
1 Determined with 18 samples of a roast degree of 45 with xade base for nano+ and motion measurement. 2 Available as Pro Feature subscription. D65/D50 and spectral graph are available when using xade card or xade cube. 3 Available in all supported iPhones. 4 xade nano / xade cube.


supported devices

Our apps support in picker mode all iPhones with iOS 16.0 or newer.

xade technology supports the following devices:


nano & nano+

  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max

cube & card

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Plus


  • coming soon



Plans Comparison
Pro Features 1
xade roast Scale
Modes {Picker, Nano, Cube, Card}2
Continuous Aperture
Closest Roast Matching
Standard Roasts
CIE L*a*b, 2º Observer, D65 & D50
Export & Display Spectral Data (Beta)
Manage Own Beans
History & Batch-Mode
1 0.99€ / 9.99€ monthly / yearly subscription.3 2 Cube Mode is activated using the xade cube+card and the Card Mode is activated with xade card only. 3 Pricing might vary slightly in your country.


Frequently Asked Questions

Smartphones and smartphone cameras got and are getting better from year to year. Smartphones are one of most advanced pieces of technology nowadays and they are right in your pocket. This makes technology more accessible and scarce resources are being reused.

xade doesn't only reach common precision numbers reached by far more expensive spectrophotometers, xade even supersedes those in terms of repeatability.

This is a highly debated topic. We have found that the most important aspect is the use of equally, slightly finer than espresso, ground coffee samples and the equally performed tamping.

AI powered seamless mode changes don't need any connection. You can just use the app, no setup time needed.


Tips & Tricks

Did You Know That...?

Light reflects differently depending on milling and tamping?

Yes, you know it, you've seen it by yourself every day you made your espresso. You should hence put special care into the milling and tamping process.

Although only a small amount of coffee is needed for a sample, make sure it contains the whole milling distribution, ie mill more and create a homogeneous mixture.

Mill slightly finer than espresso, tamper for a flat surface, swipe in one direction and do it the same way for every sample. Take note of the swiping direction and measure each sample accordingly in the same direction. This will decide if close roastings can be distinguished correctly or not.

Coffee roast levels can't really be compared for different beans?

Every bean is special. Different amount of sugars and other chemical components which make the flavour so special have influence on the roast level.

Hence take care to only compare the same kind of bean. You wouldn't compare green apples with red ones, would you?

Coffee oxidates once it's roasted?

Hence you want to make sure, that your measurement takes place after the same amount of time after having roasted the beans.

The process even speeds up after having milled the coffee.

Think of it as an experiment. Keep things the same: same storage, same storage time.

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