xade cube

xade cube

Full spectrum light in a cube shell.
AKA the birdhouse.

xade cube

xade cube

Macro Color

An illumination area of roughly 4x5cm make xade cube a perfect tool for color assessments of small objects.

Our available apps and xade card turn xade cube into an extremely precise color measurement device.

  • Full Spectrum Light

    Extreme high cri ensures vibrant color reproduction.

  • Opaque Shell

    High quality black opaque acrylic glass prevents ambient light influence.

  • Standard Geometry

    45°/0° geometry ensures common physical light properties.


xade cube includes the following items:

  • xade cube
  • power supply
  • switch cable
  • dust cover
  • dust cloth

Technical Specs

  • 24V DC ~0.1A
  • Color temp ~6500K
  • CRI > 97
  • IES TM-30-15 Rf ~ 98 Rg ~ 101
  • Oriented light
  • Illumination geometry: 45°/0°



xade bundle
xade cube + xade card


How To Use xade cube

insert card

1 Insert card at cube bottom

The card hole should be directed towards the DC connector. The card snaps in magnetically.


  • xade cube manual (German).

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