xade card

xade card

Color identifier.
Measurements on the go.
Bring your own light.

xade card

xade card

Versatile Color Calibration

Different light conditions need different calibration.

xade card allows us to calibrate camera data in different usage scenarios.

  • High Quality

    CIE L*a*b color area.

  • Measurement Area

    The circular cutout rectifies alignment considerations.

  • Ferrous Layer

    Attaches magnetically to xade cube.


xade card includes the following items:

  • xade card
  • card case
  • 1 month RAL: Classic & Design System plus for xade finder
  • 1 month Pro Features for xade finder & xade roast



xade card


Frequently Asked Questions

Smartphones and smartphone cameras got and are getting better from year to year. Smartphones are one of most advanced pieces of technology nowadays and they are right in your pocket. This makes technology more accessible and scarce resources are being reused.

xade doesn't only reach common precision numbers reached by far more expensive spectrophotometers, xade even supersedes those in terms of repeatability.

xade has been thoroughly tested with pigment on paper and coffee surfaces. First tests on textile look promising. Please get in contact with us through inquiry@xade.tech in case you have specific requirements. xade cube uses oriented light, ie vertical vs horizontal orientation matters if you measure oriented, eg perl like surfaces.

AI powered seamless mode changes don't need any connection. You can just use the app, no setup time needed.

Results are displayed for the 2° observer. We are investigating to provide the 10° as well.

The standard result is displayed in D65. Using the Pro Feature subscription we also display the result in D50 and yes, no error prone adaption used.

Please get in contact through inquiry@xade.tech.

The delta E 2000 calculation puts sometimes colors closer which are optically more far away in case there is anyhow a too big distance. In such a case the chosen color list doesn't contain a proper matching color, please choose another one.

If not otherwise specified, results are for matt / semi-matt surfaces. Though in general, with a few exceptions, glossy should be fine as well.



How To Use xade card


  • Optimal experience with supported smartphones, confer supported phones.
  • Place the card flush on any flat surface.

Tips & Tricks

  • Prevent reflections on the surface.
  • Prevent reflections given eg by a smartphone cover.
  • Ensure uniform illumination.
  • Use sunlight or High CRI (> 95) artificial light with suitable temperature (6500K).
  • The most accurate results can be achieved when:
    1. matte surfaces are measured (e.g. in sunlight without control over the angle of incidence).
    2. the temperature indicator in the app displays values close to 1.0 / 1.0. To correctly determine the values of the indicator, align smartphone with running xade app on the card..
    3. the light hits the surface at a 45° angle.
    4. sufficient light is available. If there is not enough light, the low light indicator flashes in the app.
insert card

1 Align smartphone

Adapt the distance and direction to align color area and hole.

With xade cube

Align card and cube

1 Align card with hole and snap in magnetically.

The hole is on the same side as the DC connector.

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